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    “shEver are a must hear for any fans of doom that dwell on the extreme side of the genre’s tracks.
    This is vicious, violent stuff but attentive listens reveal that this quartet love messing with melodies which other bands wouldn’t think of using…”


  • “From clean desert melodies to unstoppable death/doom destruction and vile sludge riffs, one might find it hard to believe that ¾ of the band are ladies!
    I don’t say that because I’m sexist…I say it because I think it’s fuckin’ great the gals can make shit that’s just as heavy as us guys…”



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     Panta Rhei, available on CD / LP











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    and the weel keeps on rollin’

    As our last news were filled with sad news about the departure of Chris we would now like to cheer you up again… BASS Our extensive search has an end! As we’ve talked a lot, shed some tears while joking around and he can relate to our sound, we’d like to welcome our new band […]

  • Mt. Doom II

    shEver live at Mt. Doom II

    We’ll be in Würzburg for the first time. Note that this is one of the last gigs with Chris on bass, so make sure to attend 19.10.2018 – B-Hof Würzburg

  • A new chapter in Chris’ life…

    November 20th 2012 we had informed you filled with pleasure and hope that our circle is now closed with Chris having joined the band. Since then almost 6 years have passed and a lot has occurred, some concerts and tours on which we had played, records have been recorded … and last year Chris got […]