Black Syrup Magazine about “Ocean of illusions”

after their 3-track demo release “the mirror”, swiss sisters of doom have finally made it
to a debut full-length album. recorded by Dave Ponzio at basel city studios, “ocean of
illusions” carries 6 well produced songs (total time 53+ min) with rich arrangments in the
vein of death/doom with some hints of sludge… as for the sound, it is seriously heavy
due to the bands evident low tuning, while the vocals are varied between growls, clear
singing, whispering and desperate screaming…
one of the best songs is 10 min long “silver water”, beginning with dramatic tones of
violin and having both great chorus and grateful flooding of death/doom riffs. suchlike
are 12 min of “obsession”, proving that shEver can hold listener’s attention during quite
long tracks. the whole album is slow, but enough diversified within this specific style
(some of the band’s influences are My Dying Bride, Neurosis and Crowbar), with lyrics
drowned in feelings of heavy emotions, which doomed listener can easily relate to…
the members of shEver are Alexandra (vocals), Jessica (guitar, vocals), Nadine (bass,
vocals, violin) and Melanie (drums). you can read more about this female doom quartet
in an interview within the 1st issue of Black Syrup.


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