about “A dialogue with the dimensions”

Whenever you think Sludge, a big fat beardy guy covered with tatoos comes and asks
you if you wouldn’t have some weed to share by any chance. Only normal if you think
Sludge is a male business. But wouldn’t you jump out of joy if this fat greasy bumpkin
were a fit sexy lady? As tough and as angry on top of it?!
Man, if I love female fronted Doom band, I love even more only female Doom outfits!
Names? Grey, Bloodov, Murkrat, Subrosa (ok, that one I like it less, but nevertheless,
women in Doom are like witches on a crowded sunny beach, so out of place, but so
delightful.)… and out of Switzerland, you also have the foursome shEver that ought to
get a place of honour in that list I enjoy keeping updated.
ShEver’s Doom is Sludgy like warm fetid sludgy swamps. On that aggressive ground, you
can easily compare them with Grief or Aldebaran. Pretty much all the girls scream, growl
and shout in this hot droning mass; at least three out of four – and really, you wouldn’t
guess those porky, goblin-like spits of hate and thundering imprecations would come out
of a girl’s throat… even the cleaner parts sound like howling sailors under the full-moon.
The songs have a kind of apocalyptic vibe, both in the lyrics, the way it is vocally
vomited and the ultra-super-gloomy-heavy instrumentation. The loose bass vibrates,
pounding ugly and thick notes upon you skull, the drumming is dry and sharp – each time
a cymbal is hit, it leaves you with a bloody scar, the guitar is used to emphasise the
depth of the mood, progressing by plodding phrases; none of the instrument ever shines
in the forefront. The broth is concentrated and each element has its equal share in it,
delivering a sick and slow groove that will make you nod your head like a dribbling
’A Dialogue With The Dimensions’ is a hell of a little EP, made of four tracks, it shows a
great honest talent and indicates how girls also like playing with mud and roaming in
dysentery-infested landscapes.
If you like Sludge Doom, go blindly for it; it’s fueled with a sane anger and crushing as


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