we’re looking for a label – new release

shEver teaser 2019

We are looking for labels to release our latest recordings. Now three songs are recorded, mixed and mastered and we are about to have a vinyl version made of our „waiting“ EP.

We recorded in Delémont with Serge Spiga at SAS. This venue and the room really fitted our aims and we put all of our passion into it, to express the emotions, the depth and the creative strength of the band .

For the first time in studio we recorded live, no trigger, no cheating . The result was really satisfying and we managed to sound very authentically, massive, warm and dynamic.

We recorded two new songs and an older one. This would be the seventh output from shEver.

If you are interested in releasing or if you have got any ideas e.g. for co-release/production or you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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