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    “shEver are a must hear for any fans of doom that dwell on the extreme side of the genre’s tracks.
    This is vicious, violent stuff but attentive listens reveal that this quartet love messing with melodies which other bands wouldn’t think of using…”


  • “From clean desert melodies to unstoppable death/doom destruction and vile sludge riffs, one might find it hard to believe that ¾ of the band are ladies!
    I don’t say that because I’m sexist…I say it because I think it’s fuckin’ great the gals can make shit that’s just as heavy as us guys…”



  • pantarhei_shever

     Panta Rhei, available on CD / LP











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    more live dates anounced

    13.09.2019 – Coq d’Or|Olten|Switzerland – Holy Serpent / Shroom Circle28.11.2019 – Chemiefabrik|Dresden|Germany – Soldat Hans / Rue Des Cascades29.11.2019 – Zukunft|Berlin|Germany – Soldat Hans / Rue Des Cascades

  • live at End Of Music 2019

    Failed To Avoid played live at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg

  • we’re looking for a label – new release

    shEver teaser 2019 We are looking for labels to release our latest recordings. Now three songs are recorded, mixed and mastered and we are about to have a vinyl version made of our „waiting“ EP. We recorded in Delémont with Serge Spiga at SAS. This venue and the room really fitted our aims and we […]